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Child Care

As many recent arrivals and long-time residents are having, and raising, children in the Boise Metro Area, you'll find a wealth of options to see to it that they develop into model citizens! Here are a few resources to help you in your search for child care services.

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 Idaho Department of Health and Welfare
 City of Boise After 3 Program
 Idaho child care licensing information
 Lists of child care services and tutoring services from our membership

Before you select a child care facility, consider these fact-finding actions:
 Look at all your options – nonprofit, church and other community child care centers, private centers, and company-sponsored child care 
 Schedule a first visit 
 Make an unannounced second visit 
 Ask for names and phone numbers of other parents; call them and ask candid questions 
 Check safety issues: cleanliness, cleaning supplies and utensils out of reach, furniture and toys in good shape, preparedness for emergencies, current medical record of all children 
 Check staff qualifications and turnover 
 Make sure the facility is licensed by the state
Source: Southwestern Bell Consumer Information
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